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Teksfera’s Emergency Lighting System Now protects B+G+3 Commercial and Residential Building.

Security frameworks are vital to a building. They give consistency in business activities, the security of tangible resources, intellectual property, and human life. Commercial properties, air terminals, retail shops, and schools require a one-of-a-kind arrangement of security measures and safety efforts. 

For well-being, there is a need to introduce advanced frameworks to reduce vulnerabilities. We are presenting our emergency lighting system to complete the work during a power cut.

Location: Plot No. 313-0567 At Al Hamriya, Dubai

Proposed Building: B+G+3 Residential & Commercial Building

Our approach

First, Teksfera needed to identify backward-compatible security, fire, and life safety frameworks to install along with the existing frameworks. The company installed the smoke alarm, heat identifier along an isolator base, manual call point, along an addressable alarm control board.

We also installed a network with Voice throughout the building. This technology helps in pinpointing the specific area of caution and report the alert to different frameworks. The voice functionality also gives communication to residents and staff in case of a fire. 

Integrating an emergency lighting system was necessary because it is a part of building safety in departure situations. It provides prompt, automatic lighting in case the main power supply gives out, and the mains lighting fails.

Every one of the frameworks is checked and controlled at a central command centre. It helps the system improve reaction times in crisis circumstances. The security group to consistently view and control occupant movement across the building to help boost safety efforts.

Our solutions

With the recently installed systems compatible with older systems, the B+G+3 Residential and Commercial Building can efficiently extend existing equipment. The building develops while codes continue to change. The central monitoring location has expanded team efficiencies because they helped lower the maintenance costs. 

The integrated emergency lighting system fulfilled the power backup requirements in case of a power cut. It is most needed to reduce vulnerability. By incorporating and normalizing security, fire, and life safety systems, the building is saving money while giving a more comfortable environment to residents and staff.

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