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Teksfera has Secured B+G+4+R Efficiently.

Residential buildings always need to update their fire and life systems. To address its improvements while maintaining the budget, the B+G+4+R Residential Building turned to Teksfera to upgrade its fire alarm system. Teksfera supplies the best fire detection system in UAE. This is because of its advanced fire detection product line.

Location: 618-4123 (N2-09), Maydan, Dubai, U.A.E.

Proposed Building: B+G+4+R Residential Building

Our approach

The client wanted to install the latest system. They aimed to meet fire and safety code requirements. Teksfera decided to install the latest smoke detectors, manual call points, addressable wall mount alarm sounder with a flasher, single supervised input wall mount module, addressable fire alarm control panel, slave base mounted alarm warning device as well as a multi-criteria detector.

We Supplied, tested, and commissioned every single point in the loop such as a smoke detector, heat detectors, and a single input single output relay module to integrate the system. Furthermore, We integrated the system with all the third-party devices like fire pumps available. The fire pump starts when the pressure in the fire sprinkler system drops.

The sprinkler system drops pressure when it is exposed to flame/heat above the specified temperature. Afterward, it opens and starts sprinkling water. Pressure drops in the main firefighting stream alternatively. This also opens other firefighting connections. The installed Eurotech fire detection system

“I am writing to thank you for the courtesy your company extended to me during my fire alarm system installation. The entire process was a positive experience. It gives me a high level of comfort knowing my property is dealt with excellently and helped me save my property by integrating the efficient fire and pumping system in the recent event.”

Our solution

The integration allowed the building system to be complaint on fire and life safety systems as per requirement. This ensures efficiencies when it comes to maintenance, testing, and central control.

This intersection of systems gives the building the ability to centrally monitor fire technologies. This also helps in delivering the most accurate information regarding alarm events. The installed system alerts the building’s staff to any urgent events. Due to this, the staff can now refocus on providing a comfortable experience for visitors rather than monitoring the fire system.

  1. Eurotech 4 loop fully touch screen panel.


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