Decentralised system

MiniVES 2001L (according to EN 54-16, 54-4)

AED 21,000.00

  • 4(2 A/B) – speaker lines, 1x Audio
  • 2 X 160 W power
  • Backup for 30h standby and 0.5h alert
  • Compartment for 4 x batteries, max 40 Ah
  • Handheld Microphone
  • LCD Touch Panel

miniVES is TCP/IP based scalable Public Address & Voice Alarm (PA/VA) unit suitable for multi-purpose architectures.

As a stand-alone unit miniVES is cost efficient and powerful PA/VA for small buildings like supermarket, hotel or school with basic features like voice evacuation, paging or back ground music.

Thanks to distributed network architecture, miniVES can be applied in variety of network applications e.g. transportation (railway, metro), hospital/university campuses, high rise building, industrial parks etc.

In order to provide highest safety and reliability of the system miniVES is designed as decentralized network concept what eliminates single point of system failure. That means if one part of the system fails, the rest will continue operating normally without any interruption.

Devices from miniVES series are Voice Alarm compact control units containing all components within one housing, which meet all the requirements of EN 54-16 and EN 54-4 (certificate of constancy of performace 1438-CPR-0527).

Control unit of miniVES is equipped with two independent class D amplifiers  with a power of 160 W or 320 W, which distribute 100 V signals to 4 or 8 speaker lines depending on the type. The system also ensures operation of a backup amplifier for the evacuation signal.

miniVES is a complete VA system in which advanced energy saving mechanisms are implemented. miniVES control unit is equipped with an integrated battery charger, power supply system which meets the requirements of EN 54-4 and a dedicated shelf for batteries.

miniVES is designed as a Plug & Play unit –default setup enables operation after installation on the wall in basic configuration – just after  connection of loudspeaker lines and installation of batteries in the housing. The factory configuration can be also easily modified according the building and evacuation scenarios.


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