Touch Screen Panel Intelligent fire alarm control panel 1 Loop


AED 5,000.00

TOCCARE FIRE ALARM SYSTEM a touch screen panel interface, powerful and easy to use with up to 240 addressable devices per loop. It has auto- programming and auto-addressing function of addressable devices and has a function for device mapping. It is fully customisable with personal logo, colour, and touch screen available in wired and wireless devices mixed with thermal and optical detectors. The Fire alarm system panel consists of local and remote programming capability by dedicated software on serial or LAN / WAN.


Toccare fire alarm system panel is an auto programming function of the addressable devices. It functions for device mapping which is the process of activating outputs depending on which inputs have been activated. The principle of networking involves connecting several panels to form a system. Inputs on one panel may activate outputs on another, or the network may allow monitoring of many systems. Fire alarm sounders can be set to certain frequencies and different tones including low, medium, and high. Toccare fire alarm system panel can be managed in more than 100 languages and is fully customizable with a personalized logo, colour, touch screen, and coloured side LEDs. It works on functions such as thermal and optical detecting.

When combined with our extensive range of compatible industry-leading control equipment, our fire alarm system panel offers the most flexible (wired or wireless) fire solution available today.

Input and Output modules:

  • Addressable button alarm
  • Addressable siren
  • Local and remote programming capability by dedicated software on serial or LAN / WAN

Why Customers Love TOCCARE Fire Alarm System

The Toccare Touch Screen Panel is one of the slickest fire alarm system panels on the market and combined with innovative features and functionality is now set to become the most sought-after panel currently available.

With a clean and minimal aesthetic design, this fire alarm system panel is ideal for Architects with prestigious building projects, looking for a unique solution to manage their Fire Detection needs. The first certified fire alarm system with a total touch screen panel and an easy-to-use interface. The end-user can access details such as events, alarms, faults and more, with their 5 digit user code. It also has customisable lighting options with white or tricolour backlighting LEDs and a wide range of characters and symbols of up to 11 languages.

Why Engineers love TOCCARE Fire Alarm System

Programming of the panel can be completed with as little as 4 touches. Toccare fire alarm system panel is extremely user-friendly as the graphical interface is built to be completely intuitive to all the 3 different user profiles. Convenience is always key and with the Toccare Panel, diagnostics of all the devices are shown with a graphical map of the system with all testing able to be run by one person, this is very efficient considering some systems comprise of tens of thousands of devices. Connect up to 128 panels on a network loop to manage massive systems with more than 250,000 devices!

A touch of the device icon will show information such as the percentage of dust in the device. Maintenance schedules can also be planned within the Fire Alarm Systems panel. This Fire alarm system panel is the dream of every installer: it is auto-addressable, with no need for time-wasting dip switches or conventional programming devices. Simple operator menu designed for convenience with two log-in access codes; one for the end-user and the other for your engineers. The Fire Alarm Systems panel can be programmed from your computer/laptop and details can be viewed remotely, allowing for easier technical support.


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